Our mix of individual and institutional private money provides us with a diverse and reliable base of capital to fund a wide range of projects.


We are dedicated to providing quick responses to time-sensitive loans, often with the ability to close in a couple of weeks.


We have the experience to guide you through every step of the loan process - all the way to the closing table. This personalized approach saves you time and money.


Not every project is cookie-cutter and fits a rigid matrix. We can create specialized solutions in a timely and creative manner that allow our clients to capitalize on opportunities.

Edgeworth Lending

Cultivating Strong Relationships with Virginia Real Estate Investors

We Help Make it Happen…More Deals, More Profitably

Our role as a value-added, relationship-based private money lender is to help real estate investors successfully leverage capital so they can do more deals for a better ROI.

Edgeworth Lending was formed in 2008 by real estate investors for real estate investors as a flexible financing option for investors in a fluid and competitive real estate landscape.

Over the last decade we have appreciated the opportunity to meet the capital needs of real estate entrepreneurs throughout Virginia (Lending Markets) and helping them prosper. We also feel good about contributing to the prosperity of our local communities. Private lenders fund renovation projects that improve property values, create jobs, boost local business income and strengthen communities. Our investor clients get the satisfaction of seeing tangible results in improved properties and neighborhoods. This is why we look for opportunities to source and underwrite deals locally.

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Why You Should Work With A

Value-Added Private Lender

  1. Our private lending and hard money loans are tailored to the profile of each real estate investor. They are fast and enable cash offers with minimal hassle. Ultimately, they streamline your real estate investing business, giving you a powerful tool to act on profit-making opportunities
  2. We enable investors to move on multiple deals at once, without the conventional loan-quantity barriers – so you can scale your business
  3. We want to get to know you, your business model, your projects so we can develop a successful track record together. You get senior level, private client attention.
  • Edgeworth worked with us to map out a long-term funding structure so we can take advantage of opportunities in our market to build a rental portfolio.

    Robert G
    Commonwealth Partners IV
  • Edgeworth Lending worked side-by-side with us from deal assessment through exit with our residential rehab projects.

    Michael R
    Southwark LLC
All loans are for business commercial use purposes only. No proceeds may be used for or are intended for any consumer or personal use.