Edgeworth Lending

We formed Edgeworth Lending in 2008 in Fredericksburg, Viginia during the early days of the Great Recession. We started out as part of an ecosystem of shell-shocked real estate investors, home renovators, settlement attorneys, realtors and assorted real estate professionals looking to remain positive and find ways to help each other navigate a fluid and turbulent market.

Edgeworth Lending helped fill the void created by a lack of liquidity in the credit markets and a banking industry that restricted conventional financing as an option for investors looking to seize opportunities while contributing to the restoration of their communities.

We’ve expanded our ecosystem and relationships over the years, working with investors throughout Virginia and beyond. We look forward to hearing about your next project.

How We Differentiate From “Cookie-Cutter” Internet-based Lenders.
Focus and simplify

We keep it simple by just asking for the essential documentation so you can submit your deal faster and easier.

Client satisfaction

Meet your new partner in private lending . Our market experience, relationships and one-on-one transaction support will help you scale your business.

By doing the right thing

We've walked a mile in your shoes. Edgeworth Lending was created by real estate investors for real estate investors in your local market.