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Acquisition, Development & Construction Financing

Spec Loans from $75,000 to $10,000,000.


  • Multiple simultaneous projects ok. Build 2 ,3 or 4+ homes at the same time and save on costs
  • We can provide builder finance up to 94% of the project costs
  • If you own the lot, the lot may cover the down payment and closing costs
  • If you do not own the lot, but the lot seller agrees to get paid for the lot when the home is finished then you get full credit for the lot value reducing or eliminating your down payment
  • We have our low rate option starting at 6.5%
  • We have an option whereby the interest and closing costs can be wrapped into the loan – no payments due during the term of the loan 
  • Soft costs can be included in the budget and disbursed at closing
  • Friendly instant “draw” procedure