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Long-Term Rental Finance:

Single Property and Portfolio Blanket Loans

Our landlord loan program offers a 30 year term to ensure that our clients have true long-term financing options. Specializing in 5+ portfolio blanket loans.

New: NO DSCR rental finance program


Basic Loan Criteria

30 Years

Loan Amount
$150k to $5MM  (unit values $75k and up for blanket loans)


Purchase – Lesser of up to 85% of the As-Is Value or Up to 85% Loan-to-Cost
Refinance – Up to 80% of the As-Is Value
Cash-Out – Up to 80% of the As-Is Value

Property Types
Non-Owner Occupied 1-4 Family Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes; Planned Unit Development (PUD)

No Minimum


No DSCR loan options available

Property Value
”As-Is” Appraised Value Must Be Greater Than $75k