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Hidden Property Liens: What Investors Need to Know (including 8 obscure types that may cost you)

Searching for Hidden Property Liens Missing hidden property liens during your property due diligence process can wreak havoc on your projected ROI. Don't end your lien search with the 1st and 2nd liens by mortgagees - finding hidden liens requires...

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Never Fear Debt – leveraging your way to Buy to Rent (B2R) wealth

New Loan Products for Buy to Rent Investing Investors executing a Buy to Rent strategy are taking advantage of new loan products to leverage debt through a hard asset (their single family properties) to create income. This new breed of...

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Flip or Rent – 3 steps to the right decision

Flip or Rent - choosing a strategy Most investors think the Flip or Rent question simply comes down to "do I want my profits fast or slow and steady." Both flipping and renting investment properties are great ways to grow...

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The BRRRR Strategy – 5 little letters that add up to long term wealth

BRRRR Strategy The BRRRR strategy combines the house flipping strategy and the buy and hold strategy for optimum results.BRRRR is an acronym for buy, renovate, rent and refinance, repeat. You can look at it as flipping a house to yourself...

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