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Landlord Loans – perfect for B2R and BRRRR Investors

Landlord Loans for Buy-to-Rent Real Estate Investors

A buy-to-rent, or B2R, strategy is employed by landlords who purchase distressed properties, rehabilitate them, then rent them to tenants. When Private and Hard Money landlord loans are used to acquire and renovate their investment property, landlords are able to maximize cash flow. Landlord profit margins depend heavily on the original financing of the property so securing a properly structured, low-rate landlord loan for your rental properties is essential.

landlord loans
Landlord Loans
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Landlord Loans for Residential 1-4 Unit Rental Properties

Our Landlord Loans are designed for investors looking to grow their portfolios of single family residential (1-4 unit) rental properties. We finance single and multiple properties (rental property blanket) with loans for both beginner and seasoned rental property investors.

Special Features can include:

  • NO DSCR – great for landlords in high value markets
  • NON-RECOURSE – for larger portfolio loans ($500k+)
  • LITE-DOC – no income tax returns
  • INTEREST ONLY- enjoy lower payments before amortizing

Create Wealth with B2R and BRRRR Investing Strategies

The BRRRR and B2R strategies are effective strategies used by savvy real estate investors for exponentially growing their real estate portfolios. This strategy is a powerful and proven use leverage to create long term wealth.

Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or someone who’s made real estate investing a full-time endeavor, this approach to buy-and-hold investing is effective and relevant in any market. If executed properly, the BRRRR and B2R methods can help you quickly grow your real estate business in a matter of a few short years.

The Private Lending Difference with Residential 1-4 Landlord Loans for Rental Properties

Not only do our landlord loans provide investors with the ability to purchase multiple properties, they now allow rental investors to take out much of their original cash investment to go back in the marketplace and seek more properties.  Unlike traditional bank loans and agency providers (like Fannie and Freddie), which underwrite the borrower, private loans primarily underwrite the property’s cash flow potential.

We work with a wide range of investors, from those who buy-to-rent as a side hustle to professional full-time investors. Edgeworth will lend on properties that have a minimum value of $150k ($75k per unit for portfolios), and takes into account a number of different factors, focusing more on the value of the properties, their geographic location and the property cash flow than borrowers’ FICO and personal debt-to-income ratio.

For investors who want to invest in multiple properties, conventional banks look closely at their personal income and many investors might not be able to qualify. Private lenders differentiate by underwriting the property, not the borrower. We look at the inherent value in the cash flow that comes from the property’s rental income.


Buy to Rent
  • Short & Long Term
    Long Term: 30 Year Amort. (3, 5, 7, 10 ARM and 30-yr fixed) ; Rehab Bridge: 24-mos.
  • Loan Amounts
    Loans from $75k to $5MM
  • Rates
    Rehab Bridge: rates start at 7.49% and for Long Term: rates start at 4.49%

Landlord Loans for Rental Properties

Flexible and Simplified Private & Hard Money Loan for Landlords

Edgeworth Lending offers competitive loans for landlords to optimize their financing across all of their rental properties: acquisition, rehab bridge,  cashing out on your rehab bridge and begin renting, obtaining long-term financing or refinancing for your rental properties.

Private lenders offer loans for landlords that are competitive and include options you won’t find with most lending partners.

Payment structures are flexible and there’s no limit to the number of properties you can finance

Refinance Your Loan
A low 90-day seasoning on refinancing.

Long-Term Financing
Offering 3,5,7 & 10/1 ARMs and 30-year fixed without balloons.

Dedicated to Virginia Landlords
Finance your rental properties in markets across the Commonwealth of Virginia

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